Welcome to Superior Choice Credit Union, HCCU!

We’re thrilled to announce the pending merger between Superior Choice Credit Union, and Hayward
Community Credit Union. The merger will offer our combined 27,000+ members an enhanced experience
by bringing together best practices of both credit unions, including optimizing and expanding
member convenience through online and mobile services, call center, updated branches and ATM
locations, as well as diversification of product and service offerings. Welcome to SCCU, HCCU

Benefits of Merger

We know change can be challenging, but we’re so excited for what’s around the corner!


When is the merger happening?

The merger is scheduled to be finalized on January 8, 2023.

What even is a merger?

HCCU and SCCU will join together as one (members & staff) and continue to operate as SCCU. 100% of
the HCCU staff will remain employed.

Are the HCCU branches closing?

Absolutely not! We are committed to keeping both the Hayward and Cable branches open and running.
In fact, we plan to open a new updated branch in Hayward to better serve the HCCU members and
employees (and prevent the flooding issue that is happening currently!)

Will my account number change? Will I get a new debit card?

Yes. We know it’s a pain but we promise to help. We have staff at our branches and a full call
center waiting to make it easier. You can also follow our step by step guide so you don’t forget

Will all HCCU Members become SCCU Members?

Yes, all HCCU members will become SCCU members when the merger is complete. This is all behind the
scenes and you won’t even notice.

Does your leadership care about Hayward and Cable?

Yes, they have already been there multiple times and will continue to visit. And bonus…we have a
Community Engagement team dedicated to strengthening our roots in EVERY community we serve.

Help! I have so many more questions…

Do not hesitate to reach out! Reach SCCU on our Contact Us page or our Call Center at

Why choose us?

When you join SCCU, it’s the start of something new. You can trust our ability to provide
quality ftnancial products and services that are proven with our 90-year legacy. With us, you
are not just another number, you are an individual.


The credit unions will continue doing business as Superior
Choice Credit Union, with combined total assets approaching 800 million. Both organizations are committed to providing exceptional member service, while maintaining the safety and security of members’ assets and information. The strategic merger joins two financially strong institutions that are partnering for the right reasons.