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Welcome to Hayward Community Credit Union

Founded in 1935, HCCU has grown into a full-service, member-owned financial institution. We have a long, proud tradition of serving the financial needs of thousands of members. Those members share a common commitment to the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”

A member is a part of our community such as where they work or live. This defines the credit union's charter for 'field of membership.' Although we have had extraordinary growth, we are proud to have maintained our community atmosphere.

Update to HCCU Terms and Conditions

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“Phishing Scam” Warning from Hayward Community Credit Union

As a continued service to our members and friends, HCCU would like to make you aware of a “phishing scam.”

This attack has led to the creation of several fraudulent “Shazam Debit Card” Internet sites. The sites claim to be collecting information for fast-cash loans; therefore, personal information, such as a person's Social Security Number, date of birth, and driver's license number, is being targeted. The SHAZAM Corporate Security team has initiated their incident response procedures, and are in the process of removing all associated URLs and disabling the #shazamdebitcard Twitter.

Phishing Scams are becoming more of a problem everyday so please be aware of who you may be communicating with and sending information to!

Please remember to NEVER give out personal information to an untrusted site or via the telephone.